TRUECar Buyer Bonus in Charlotte, NC


Caolina Volkswagen is proud to be a TrueCar Certified Dealer. This program allows customer to shop through their preferred lenders, insurance companies, employee buying programs, and more! We are committed to serving all the TrueCar Customers and the customer from their partners. A benefit of the TrueCar Program is the TrueCar Buying Bonus.

What is the Buyer’s Bonus?

Buyer’s Bonus is an exclusive program, fully funded by TrueCar, that is made available to members of certain affinity auto buying sites. It is designed to further reinforce the value of working with a TrueCar Certified Dealer for the member’s next vehicle purchase.

TrueCar Buyer’s Bonus benefits could be worth more than $2,000

Depending on the partner, the member is eligible for the following in the 1st year of car ownership:

Auto Repair Expense Reimbursement

Reimburses 20% of the payment, if any, made to repair the vehicle purchased through the car buying program. Covers up to a $500 reimbursement on repair (parts included), 2x a year.

Service not available in New Hampshire or New York.

Auto Deductible Reimbursement

Reimburses what the member paid, if anything, for their insurance deductible when they file a claim. Covers up to $500, 2x a year.

Service not available in New Hampshire or New York.

Auto Expert Opinion

A member can talk directly to an ASC-certified mechanic to discuss questions they might have on recommended repairs and cost, sounds their car is making, etc. Unlimited use.


What Do Customers Need to Do?

Customers will receive an email with information on how to activate Buyer’s Bonus once they submit their contact information to connect with Certified Dealers who have the car they want. They can also visit the “Report Your Purchase” page of their auto buying program’s website for additional information.

To receive their benefits, a customer must:

Purchase a Vehicle

Customers must buy or lease a new or used vehicle from a TrueCar Certified Dealer through a qualifying TrueCar-powered affinity program to qualify. Purchases from Dealers who are not TrueCar Certified will not be eligible for TrueCar Buyer’s Bonus benefits.

Report Their Purchase

After purchasing a vehicle from a Certified Dealer, customers must return to their affinity auto buying site’s “Report Your Purchase” page within 45 days and enter their email address to get started. They should have their VIN, Dealership details and personal information handy to complete the process.

Access Their Benefits

Once a customer reports their purchase, they will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access their Buyer’s Bonus benefits. Whether they use one benefit or use them all, there’s no additional cost to the customer!