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VW Rear Brake Pad Replacement in Charlotte, NC

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Vokswagen Rear Brake Pad Replacement in NC

Rear Brake Pad Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Rear brake pad replacement involves taking your Jetta to a certified Volkswagen technician in the local community, such as Mint Hill, NC, to have the old brake pads removed and replaced with new OEM Volkswagen brake pads. This is important because worn brake pads can damage other parts of your braking system and also reduce braking responsiveness which is a hazard when driving. Even a second delay in stopping can lead to an accident which is why you need all the parts of your braking system to be in top condition.


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Volkswagen Brake Pad Wear and Causes

Your Tiguan’s brake pads wear away, and the material becomes thin over time. Even with the most careful driving in Wildwoods, the heat and friction of normal stopping cause wearing to the material of your brake pads. Also, your driving habits and environment do play a part in how long your brake pads last. Regular driving in heavy traffic and sudden stopping can cause your brake pads to wear away faster for example.

How Front and Rear Brake Pads Differ

When you need new brake pads, it’s important to know the difference between front and rear brake pads. The two sets of brake pads differ in both size and shape. This is important because it means that front and rear brake pads are not interchangeable. When you need new rear brake pads you can’t just buy any set of brake pads from an auto parts store in Matthews. You have to be specific and buy a set of brake pads designed to fit on the rear brakes of your Volkswagen.

Brake Pad Inspection and Use Lifespan

In general, brake pads last on average 35,000 miles. However, your brake pads could last anywhere between 25,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on various factors. The reason for such a broad figure is that your brake pads are susceptible to many outside factors. If you make regular sudden stops when driving or drive in a harsh environment, your brake pads will not last as long as they could.

Rear Brake Pad Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Finding The Best Brake Service in The Charlotte Area at Carolina Volkswagen

When you need brake pad replacement in Charlotte or in nearby communities such as Indian Trail you have several options, including dealerships, independent mechanics, and chain auto service stores. However, when it comes to something as important as your brakes you want to trust the work you’re paying for is both high-quality and meets Volkswagen’s service standards. At Carolina Volkswagen, we are a fully certified shop committed to providing you the best in Volkswagen service and customer amenities. Schedule a Volkswagen certified service online or by phone today!


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